Friday, July 23, 2010

dancing like the stars @ raleigh's southern women's show - raleigh event photography

ever since our move back to nc, i have had numerous moments of complete humility.  i am so blessed that my dream, my photography has succeeded and i am so grateful for that.  so many opportunities have opened up... more than i could have imagined.

some of you know my cousin is clay aiken, who became popular when competing on american idol in 2003, and is an amazing singer!  (by the way, his newly released cd is his best yet!  make sure you get a copy!)

clay, along with help from other wonderful people, created the national inclusion project.  the national inclusion project opens doors for all kids to be included together and experience all that life has to offer.  they conduct programs with community partners to teach others how to be inclusive so that kids with and without disabilities can experience lifelong benefits.  they believe no one should sit on the sidelines.  and i couldn't agree more.

to learn more about national inclusion project, visit their website by clicking on the image below.

clay's mom, my wonderful aunt faye, is an integral part in the organization and coordinates the annual dancing like the stars contest at the raleigh southern women's show.  this year i was honored to be the exclusive photographer of the event.  i had so much fun!!!  if you have never been to this i suggest you attend next year!

below is aunt faye welcoming everyone and laying out the rules.  she had such a stage presence!  the whole time i was looking around at the jammed packed audience and wanted to yell "that's my aunt!" but then i realized everyone would immediately know i was truly a johnston county redneck disguised as a photographer and i didn't wanna blow my cover.

this was probably one of the most inspiring, emotional performances i have ever seen... they dances so well!!  and even got a standing ovation.  this is exactly what the national inclusion project is all about.

here's a quick snapshot of each contestant.  they were so talented and entertaining!

scott fitzgerald
(wptf 680am)

bill reh
(weather for nbc 17)

billy dukes
(music director/night dj at 94.7 wqdr)

renee chou
(weekend morning anchor/reporter for wral)

tina seldin cash
(hosts the North Carolina Education Lottery Drawing on wral)

while the final numbers were being tallied we had special entertainment by anoop desai!

congratulations to renee chou and partner dan barber on winning 1st place!

as part of my duties i had the honor to photograph each contestant weeks before the contest.  we did headshots and images of them dancing to be used in the promotions.  below is a poster that was displayed at the women's show as well as numerous places leading up to the day.  i was so proud to have our logo/name on it hubby just had to get a quick snapshot!  all the images you see on the poster are by us too!!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2011 seniors casting call is almost over!... apply now!

we are deep into our 2011 seniors casting call here at BRP!  be sure to share this with your friends and family!!!  they could earn free senior portraits!!!

we are on a quest for students from any local high school (within 60 miles of four oaks nc) and will choose no more than one guy and one gal from each school.  the number of students that can apply however is endless!

what do we ask of our reps?
it's very simple.  we'll arrange your free photo session ($125 value!) with b real photo in early august.  we'll provide rep cards with your photos and our info to give out to all your friends!  when they use the rep card to book their senior session with us, you'll earn print credits and your friends will receive free stuff too!  it's a pretty sweet deal.

how to enter the casting call:
simply email us at with the following information:  your first & last name, best phone number to reach you, what high school you attend, what activities/clubs/sports you participate in, why you would make the best rep in your school!  and attach 1-3 pictures that show off how photogenic you are!

all entries must be received by midnight on july 31, 2010

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Monday, July 19, 2010

a shower for baby jackson - clayton nc event photograph

i just realized i'll be photographing little 7-week-old jackson on wednesday and i haven't posted images from the baby shower yet!!

i was so lucky to have moved back to nc in time to make mommy denise's baby shower.  denise and i go way back... yes we are distant cousins (this is johnston county ya know) but we have been great friends ever since i can remember!!  i remember spending the night growing up (and denise hogged the whole bed... this still a problem taylor?), watching the scary movie "so i married an axe murder" (yes it's a comedy, but we thought it was a horror movie at the time), mom making sure she had boiled okra on the dinner table if denise was going to be over for dinner (who in this world eats this slimy substance besides denise!?)... i could go on with so many fond memories!

sometimes i feel like i have to pinch myself when i think about our age and where we are in life.  i feel to young for us both to have been married for 5 years this july!!  (happy anniversary you lovebirds)  but i love seeing someone i love so much so happy.  denise seems to have a wonderful husband, taylor, and two adorable children!!

so the shower was very fun.  so many of these girls i had seen in photos with denise over the years and it was wonderful to meet them finally.  we played an interesting candy bar game... i think i got one question right.  haha.  the home was beautifully decorated and denise was just beaming.  she makes such a pretty pregger chick!

here are a few pics from the baby shower... stay tuned for pics of baby jackson soon too!  :)

look at these nifty napkins folded into shirts!!! 

golf ball favors!

some of the cutest invitations i've ever seen!!! 

even little caroline got gifts... she is a big sister now!!! 

denise had been wearing her corsage upside down... and who was it that put that on for her!?

and who said little boys didn't get cute clothes too?!??! 

isn't it priceless to receive handmade gifts... something to treasure.

well looky there!  a newborn session from brp!

denise getting a peek at those golf balls for the first time... they have jackson's name on them!

i have no words for how cute this is.

jackson reid bridges  :)

three beautiful generations  <3

thanks for inviting me denise!!  i hope we can go to each other's baby showers for many years to come!  ;)

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

hope revealed - nc event photography

a very dear friend of mine asked me a while back about photographing a women's conference she was putting together as a treat for all the ladies within her church.  being that we lived 7 hours away, i just couldn't make the trip happen.  :(

and then we made the decision to move to nc!!!!!!

and it just so happened the photographer she had asked in the meantime was unable to come... so there i was... it had all worked out and i'm sooooo glad!!

the conference was amazing.  women sharing so much laughter and joy and learning about God's word.  it was such an powerful experience for me to just be there and then the fact that i was honored to be photographing the event was even more special.

we had a friday evening session as well as saturday morning/afternoon.  we had fun singing, praising, listening, praying, learning, and reading.  i'm so blessed that i was a part of hope revealed.

below are just a few of the images from that weekend.  thanks elizabeth for inviting me!!!

wedding photography four
 oaks nc photography smithfield nc photography benson nc photography clayton nc photography 

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