Monday, April 27, 2009


well it's that time you've all been waiting for...

time to announce our big surprise...

we've had so many exciting things happening lately and this has been so hard for us to keep secret!! i personally think this is probably the first thing i have EVER been able to keep from everyone (except shawn of course).

i've had friends and family calling, texting, emailing, facebook-ing, and literally hounding me in person! it actually became quite funny.

my friend whitney commented on facebook and i thought this was hilarious so i just have to share:
there's a bar in memphis that has painted on the side of it "Free Hamburgers Tomorrow." so, even when you come "tomorrow" the free hamburgers are still another day away... i'm beginning to feel the same way about this "surprise"
while we aren't giving away hamburgers, we ARE giving away other things...

so are you ready!???...





b real photo is launching a brand new website!!

but wait... there's MORE!!!!...

b real photo is offering incredible savings on portrait sessions!!

standard session
only $100
(regular $150)

1 - 2 hour session
online viewing & ordering

added bonus... prints included!
1 - 5x7, 2 - 4x6, 4 wallets (a $28 value)

the best news about this special is that we are offering this to the first TWENTY clients to schedule their sessions! be sure to mention our grand opening special. to find this pricing on our website go to pricing > grand opening special.

can it get any better?? YES IT CAN!!...

we will draw ONE lucky person out of the twenty to win a $50 gift certificate to be used toward a future session!

i know... it's pretty amazing, huh??

thought you might appreciate a "before" shot of our site...

so here ya go folks... check us out our hott new look HERE!!! let us know what you think.

- b real photo

Thursday, April 16, 2009

she's a diva! - knoxville area photography

i asked my friend, chastity, to model for me one day recently (she's a diva!)... who knew we would laugh so much and have such a good time!?

we met up in west knoxville so we could ride together and hit up a few spots i had found and wanted to try. so off we were...

i love somewhat sneaking around to find great spots. hee hee.

we started behind a small shopping center and got some really great shots there. it was neat because there were no distractions since we were completely hidden from the road and any shoppers. but we also got a little silly back there!

so then we headed over to an abandoned car shop... the building was painted BRIGHT yellow and i thought it would make for an interesting backdrop. while we were there we got approached by a mechanic at a next door business who asked if we needed a male model. HA!!! sometimes you just need a little ego boost like that... right ladies??

anyway, while at this location i was able to find
my image... usually on every shoot i end up with one absolutely amazing photograph... and here it is...

then we hit one more spot... a closed down japanese restaurant. too bad they weren't open! i LOVE japanese food and we had worked up an appetite by the time we were done. :) here's a couple shots from that location...

needless to say it was a fun and productive day. and i've already booked another session with chastity and a friend of hers.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

what's the big news!?!?

so many exciting things are starting to happen at b real photo!!!!

some of these things i'm just dying to tell you!!! not only have i resolved to keep the blog updated much more often, but i'm also working on a BIG new surprise!!! no, no, no... i can't tell you just yet!! then it wouldn't be a surprise.

stay tuned... i hope to let you know by the end of the week. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

art show - knoxville event photography

shawn and i were able to go to a friend's art show last night, which was interesting to say the least. of course when you have a diverse group of artists contributing, it can become quite eclectic.

what i love about my friend, sara's art is the thought and prayer she really puts into the preparation and creation of what she is making. if you know sara or ever have the chance to meet her, i highly encourage you to talk to her about her work...

she has two pieces displayed at the show. her first, sheep, is a reflection of a dream sara once had. i won't ruin her story, but i will ask you this... who do you consider to be your truly great, meaningful, and close friends?.. what would you do and not do for them?.. do you hurt for them when they are hurting?.. would you take care of them if something happened to them?.. do you reach out to them when they fall off the path?.. would you go look for them if they were lost?..

sara's 2nd piece is bridal portraits. what i think is so meaningful about this is that no matter what you believe you'll probably agree with sara's purpose. i'll quote sara in a note she posted on facebook...
i am really broken-hearted about how we defile Jesus' name everyday. i am so sad how the church (the body, the bride) as a whole miscommunicates the message of the gospel right now. and i have to stop right now and say, this is not a church-bashing message...i am sick and tired of those. this is my frustration with those of us who chose our own version of the gospel instead of the one that is written right there in the Book. i am one of the lucky ones who attends an amazing church, but i realize alot of people havent been that fortunate. some of my best friends have been beaten and kicked in the pants by claiming members of the body - Leaders actually - who just need to save their face. some friends, non-believers, have been completely confused and dont know what-the-crap Christianity is about, except that they want no part of it...all b/c we believers live life like we've never opened a Bible before. we live lives that cant be picked out in a crowd of non-believers. and there is a reason why i use the word "we".

so my art is about the beautiful, pure, holy message we think we are sending to these people who are parrishing IN CONTRAST with the twisted message that we are actually sending. with that said, i imagined myself and other fellow Christians looking at the images created and thinking..."man this is so true - if only those "bad" Christians would clean up their act then we could make more embarrassing that those other people make us good ones look like fools." then i realized we cant think of it like that. it doesn't work like that. we are all one body. that is what they mean by "the body"...made up of arms and legs and a head and feet, etc. operating as one unit. that means if one goes down, we all go down. it is ABSOLUTELY imperative that we approach each other with the dreaded task of pointing out things that do not match up with the Word. if not, go find another religion b/c that's what Jesus did. go be a Buddhist. seriously. this is so huge and so important. it is not up to us to criticize and separate ourselves from the "bad ones". i found myself thinking this earlier today, that i hope i stand out among Christians, before realizing i need to desire to be unified to a truthful body. a beautiful, stunning Bride dressed in glowing white with sparkling jewels and shiny hair. but it is up to us to care enough to work as a body. we are not individuals.
i just can't say much more than that. sara pretty much sums up her own work here.

so i must ask you this... what is your way of creative expression? obviously i find mine in my photography and sometimes a deep conversation with a friend... but i think everyone should find some way to express the things you think about and find important... even if it's simply a blog!

the art show is going on now thru next friday... here is the info should you want to visit:

Jerry's Artarama Staff Show
"Last Name & Zip Code"
A-1 Lab Arts Gallery
201 Randolph Street
Knoxville, TN
closing reception: friday april 17th, 7-10pm

thanks sara!!!... for being the artist you are!