Thursday, April 16, 2009

she's a diva! - knoxville area photography

i asked my friend, chastity, to model for me one day recently (she's a diva!)... who knew we would laugh so much and have such a good time!?

we met up in west knoxville so we could ride together and hit up a few spots i had found and wanted to try. so off we were...

i love somewhat sneaking around to find great spots. hee hee.

we started behind a small shopping center and got some really great shots there. it was neat because there were no distractions since we were completely hidden from the road and any shoppers. but we also got a little silly back there!

so then we headed over to an abandoned car shop... the building was painted BRIGHT yellow and i thought it would make for an interesting backdrop. while we were there we got approached by a mechanic at a next door business who asked if we needed a male model. HA!!! sometimes you just need a little ego boost like that... right ladies??

anyway, while at this location i was able to find
my image... usually on every shoot i end up with one absolutely amazing photograph... and here it is...

then we hit one more spot... a closed down japanese restaurant. too bad they weren't open! i LOVE japanese food and we had worked up an appetite by the time we were done. :) here's a couple shots from that location...

needless to say it was a fun and productive day. and i've already booked another session with chastity and a friend of hers.

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