Tuesday, June 29, 2010

reunion with kristin - wilmington nc photography

one thing i really cherish are some of the friendships i've made over the years.  being back in nc has allowed me to reconnect with so many friends i have not seen in many years.

my friend kristin, one of my sorority sisters from college, has always held a special place in my heart.  we always shared a love for dance as she was also a talented dancer (i was a dance major).

kristin is back in her hometown of wilmington so i decided to take a drive one day to see her and scout out the downtown for an upcoming engagement session i had.  so of course i talked kristin in modeling for me.  you can see why... she is beautiful!!!

thanks kristin for such a fun day and i can't wait to see you more and more!!

chi o love and mine,


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Sunday, June 27, 2010

meet rooser - four oaks nc photography

hopefully you'll find as much humor in this as i do... you know shawn and i moved to nc in march (home for me, new place for him).  yippee!!  :)  being close to my parents has been great... but we got an unexpected surprise...

rooster is my dad's pet and he is awesome!!!  i named him rooster.  original i know.  ;)

he follows us around the yard and makes a great backup to the alarm clock.  he's a little skiddish in case the big bad hawk might be around but feels safe close to us.  sometimes he gets a little distracted and by the time he notices you've gotten a little too far away for him to feel protected he will sprint (he kinda waddles) across the yard to gain ground.  it is so funny to watch!!  he loves sunflower seeds and corn too.

i was outside one day catching some images of flowers and peach trees and birds and things.  and of course rooster was close by.  we ended up having our own little session!  he was great and so easy to work with.  so, like usual, here are a few of my favorite images.  :)

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Friday, June 25, 2010

riley's birthday - fayetteville nc area photography

once again i'm glad carolina is my home!!!  i've missed living away from my family so much over the last 11 years!!!!  i've missed family dinners and cookouts, reunions, birthdays, weddings, babies... all the important times in people's lives!

well meet my adorable cousin riley.  he just turned 2 back in march and i'm so thankful i was here and could go to his birthday party... and you know i had my camera in hand.  here are just a few images from the day... first his awesome cake made by my talented aunt sharon (riley's grandma)...

and here is riley himself, quite content with his juice and all the attention he was getting.

if you know riley at all, you know he is such a hoot to be around.  it's almost as if he is there to entertain you rather than you keep him entertained!

and i'm so happy i got such a beautiful picture of such a beautiful family!!!  my cousin chad, his bubbly wife lisa (who we all love!), and their little riley!!!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a beautiful woman is honored - four oaks nc photography

i was fortunate to have moved home to nc just in time to attend the church i grew up in for their women's sunday.  each year the women take over and a woman in the church is honored, hopefully by surprise!  members of her family, her coworkers, and friends all show up to surprise her and show their love to her.  this year was my wonderful aunt kathy.

shawn and i volunteered to video and photograph the service so aunt kathy and her family would have a way to remember the day... but also because my wonderful mommy was the leading lady that day!

below are a few photos of the beautiful church, the service, my beautiful mommy, and my wonderful aunt kathy!

also, my mother and aunt kathy, along with a few other ladies, have really gotten into quilting over the last year or so.  they make prayer quilts for friends and family members of the church.  when they have a quilt ready it is brought to church for everyone to tie a knot on the quilt and say a prayer for the person.  this sunday they had two quilts ready!

and what's a special southern church service without a meal afterward!!??  i love being back in nc!!!!!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

not your traditional pageant portraits - smithfield nc photography

another joy of being back in nc (wow i keep talking about this!) is reconnecting with old friends... lots of gals i knew from dance and pageants are resurfacing... melissa's engagement/bridals/wedding (watch for the engagement blog soon!), laura beth's engagement session (yup, coming to a blog near you!), and this precious session of my friend heather's daughter, daisy.

daisy is an energetic, happy 5-year-old that just so happens to be royalty!  she is the current nc outstanding petite miss!

one of my goals with B Real Photo is to set new standards in photography and this session was no different.  i'm over boring, still, uncomfortable photography... even when it comes to pageant portraiture.

heather and i decided her relative's property would be a great spot for our session and we had so much fun!  you'll notice some images and video footage from this session in our promo video, which you can view here.

hope you enjoy some of my favs!...

daisy is currently selling raffle tickets for $1.00 each to win an autographed bear signed by her and other queens, including miss north carolina, katherine southard.  all of the proceeds will support the Children's Miracle Network.

if you would like to purchase tickets, please contact me asap or contact daisy's mom, heather, at 919.868.0309.

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