Sunday, June 27, 2010

meet rooser - four oaks nc photography

hopefully you'll find as much humor in this as i do... you know shawn and i moved to nc in march (home for me, new place for him).  yippee!!  :)  being close to my parents has been great... but we got an unexpected surprise...

rooster is my dad's pet and he is awesome!!!  i named him rooster.  original i know.  ;)

he follows us around the yard and makes a great backup to the alarm clock.  he's a little skiddish in case the big bad hawk might be around but feels safe close to us.  sometimes he gets a little distracted and by the time he notices you've gotten a little too far away for him to feel protected he will sprint (he kinda waddles) across the yard to gain ground.  it is so funny to watch!!  he loves sunflower seeds and corn too.

i was outside one day catching some images of flowers and peach trees and birds and things.  and of course rooster was close by.  we ended up having our own little session!  he was great and so easy to work with.  so, like usual, here are a few of my favorite images.  :)

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Marjorie said...

Great pictures Suzanne! Mr. Rooster is pretty cooL!