Saturday, June 12, 2010

a mccombs family tribute

usually after a photo session i'm already thinking of the funny things that happened so that i can blog about them later.  this one is a little different.  i think i've even delayed the blog because i'm so unsure what to say.

some of you knew mr. mike mccombs.  i didn't know him very well, but had the pleasure of watching him, my husband, and our friend ryan jump off a cliff into a waterhole outside knoxville one day.  from that moment i knew he was cool.  haha.

well mike went home to be with jesus on february 28, 2010.  that i am pretty sure of.  if you are reading this blog, please do me the favor of considering your life and what would happen to you if you died this very moment.  do you have sin in your life?  do you know jesus yourself?  do you realize you will have to give an account of everything you did and said?  i hope you do.  and i hope you take this very seriously.

his memorial service was one of the most amazing nights i have ever experienced.  there were so many people there and it was truly a celebration of life and mike's new life in heaven.  the video played at the service is below...

mike (as you can probably tell by now) was a wonderful musician.  his lyrics spoke of heaven often.  you can hear some of his music by clicking {here}.

so after the service i was speaking to his wife, jen, and we decided we need to do a family session right away!  we met up where she works and ventured out with her awesome kids!!!  we had fun exploring the property and being silly.

you'll notice a guitar in a lot of the images.  this represents mike.  let this be a reminder.


suzanne brewer
{  b real photo  }

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Jen McCombs said...

suzanne, thank you. for the comments, and the beautiful photos. you're the best!!!