Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a beautiful woman is honored - four oaks nc photography

i was fortunate to have moved home to nc just in time to attend the church i grew up in for their women's sunday.  each year the women take over and a woman in the church is honored, hopefully by surprise!  members of her family, her coworkers, and friends all show up to surprise her and show their love to her.  this year was my wonderful aunt kathy.

shawn and i volunteered to video and photograph the service so aunt kathy and her family would have a way to remember the day... but also because my wonderful mommy was the leading lady that day!

below are a few photos of the beautiful church, the service, my beautiful mommy, and my wonderful aunt kathy!

also, my mother and aunt kathy, along with a few other ladies, have really gotten into quilting over the last year or so.  they make prayer quilts for friends and family members of the church.  when they have a quilt ready it is brought to church for everyone to tie a knot on the quilt and say a prayer for the person.  this sunday they had two quilts ready!

and what's a special southern church service without a meal afterward!!??  i love being back in nc!!!!!

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Shannon Shines said...

Such a wonderful wonderful blog! :) Beautiful! :) xoox