Monday, December 28, 2009

chris, kayla, & draven - holiday session - knoxville tn photography

yay another holiday post!!!  :)

this time we have chris (megan's brother i posted about earlier), his lovely lady kayla, and his adorable little draven...

i already told you how we were freezing (in my last post).  it was so cute when draven's nose was turning red... looked kinda like rudolph!  hee hee.

OH!  i almost forgot!... when they were all getting ready to head to knoxville they ran into a little resistance from the parents (who the pics were secretly for!).  that day had brought ice and snow where they lived so chris's parents were not exactly excited about them being on the road, which is completely understandable!  they finally had to tell his dad just so they could escape!

okay... hope you enjoy.  :)



suzanne brewer
{ b real photo }

megan & holden - holiday mini session - knoxville tennessee photography

i'm bummed that Christmas is over (i'm totally waiting to take my decorations down!) but i am sooooo happy i can finally post some of our holiday images!!!  yay!!!!!!!!

we had lots of sessions this year to create cards and prints that were gifts for family and friends.  we've gotten so much positive feedback from everyone.  i'm already excited about next year!!

so i can finally post about megan & holden... a mother and son fantastic duo!

even before we met, megan seemed like my type of gal!  we had communicated thru emails for a couple weeks and i was really looking forward to their session downtown.  i even ended up doing a session with megan's brother that same day... we did the sessions back to back so we could even get a few images of brother & sister (and kids) to give to their parents.  how sweet!!!

(another blog about chris, kayla, & draven coming soon!)

it was absolutely FREEZING cold that day so it was interesting... i'd set up some of the images, take a few shots, remove coats and gloves, then run them back to them to put back on!  it was crazy but so much fun!

hope you enjoy some of my favs!!!


oh!  i forgot to mention holden got his blue belt that day too!!!  way to go dude!!!  ;)

thanks again guys... can't wait to do it again!

suzanne brewer
{ b real photo }

Thursday, December 17, 2009

an unexpected gift

some of you may remember us photographing justin and stacy a few months ago.  stacy has become a dear friend of mine since we moved to tennessee and last night she came by our house to drop off our Christmas gift…

not only had stacy brought us homemade goodies, but she had used the photos from her session to create adorable gift tags AND a sweet card specifically for us!!  i was so excited i told her at that very moment that i would be writing this blog!  haha.

it is so rewarding to receive a gift from a client containing the images we created!  so below are a few shots of them so you can see and share my excitement!  ha!


what a special personalized touch to add to your gifts!  we just might offer these gift tags next year!!!  would any of you be interested in those as part of our holiday sessions or at least an add-on to the packages!??

suzanne brewer
{ b real photo }

sessoms family session - smithfield nc photograher

so every trip home to nc i always make an effort to do at least one photo session.  i actually have a "waiting list" of folks!  woo hoo!  (fyi: we'll be there over new years weekend folks so contact us if you'd like a session)

so this is another holiday mini session we did.  i graduated with amy's younger sister so when someone i have a connection with books a session i get all excited b/c it's yet another way to feel at home for me!

as you can see shane & amy's kids are some of the CUTEST kids i think i've ever seen!!!  they were so well mannered, mature, funny, and FUN!  we had a great time and i just love the results.  hope you enjoy!!!

thanks shane, amy, garrett, and georgia!!  :)

suzanne brewer
{ b real photo }

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

bradley & rebecca get a little saucy!! - knoxville area photography

alrighty folks.... another night of catching up for me!  i can finally start posting images from our holiday sessions since they've all received their cards and things to send out!  :)

brad and becca are wonderful friends of ours and sadly live about 4 hours away.  so when they come to visit or we travel together we have soooooo much fun.  there are usually very competitive games and LOTS of laughing.

as you'll see below, they are one snazzy lookin' couple so we LOVE to photograph them!!!  in fact, their wedding was actually the very first wedding we ever photographed!  their last visit to knoxville included a holiday session... which turned into a full session... which got a little risque!!!  and i LOVED it!  haha.

as a matter of fact, i kept encouraging them to kiss and stare into each others eyes and hug and hold hands and on and on... we said it jokingly but now i believe it to be true that when a couple has a session with b real photo it can be GREAT for the marriage/relationship!  so if you need some good quality time together as a couple, book a session with us!  ;)  it's like couples therapy and photos all in one!

brad and becca remind me so much of shawn and i... they totally crack each other up and obviously have a lot of chemistry together.

anyway, i hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from that day!


suzanne brewer
{ b real photo }

Thursday, December 3, 2009

king family portraits - knoxville photography

now that i'm done editing holiday sessions it's time to finish up some other projects and sessions.  so i'm finally starting to catch up on blogs here!  so here it goes...

every so often i like to try new places for our sessions… and this just happened to be one of those days!

it was perfect timing, since {quentin} (aka, lil q man) was turning 1 year old!  we met up in {world’s fair park} so we could get some outdoor images but unfortunately the weather was not so pretty.  it was a pretty cloudy day which can be good for lighting, but not so good for pretty blue sky backgrounds!  :\

nevertheless we made it work and the results are amazing!!!!  probably some of my favorite family pictures EVER!


i love this little guy!!!!!  now look how excited he was to be given the remote!  i guess it’s the simple things in life that make us this happy sometimes.

then we actually met again on another (thankfully sunny) day at the family farm to test out the ol’ barn… and boy was i happy with those too!!!  :)



and in case you hadn't noticed... for some reason i just love playing with sun flares in my images.  depending on the image, it can add some edge or even romance.


i hope to be taking pictures of this lil’ guy for many years to come!  (ya hear that trent & valerie!!?)

suzanne brewer
{ b real photo }