Monday, December 28, 2009

megan & holden - holiday mini session - knoxville tennessee photography

i'm bummed that Christmas is over (i'm totally waiting to take my decorations down!) but i am sooooo happy i can finally post some of our holiday images!!!  yay!!!!!!!!

we had lots of sessions this year to create cards and prints that were gifts for family and friends.  we've gotten so much positive feedback from everyone.  i'm already excited about next year!!

so i can finally post about megan & holden... a mother and son fantastic duo!

even before we met, megan seemed like my type of gal!  we had communicated thru emails for a couple weeks and i was really looking forward to their session downtown.  i even ended up doing a session with megan's brother that same day... we did the sessions back to back so we could even get a few images of brother & sister (and kids) to give to their parents.  how sweet!!!

(another blog about chris, kayla, & draven coming soon!)

it was absolutely FREEZING cold that day so it was interesting... i'd set up some of the images, take a few shots, remove coats and gloves, then run them back to them to put back on!  it was crazy but so much fun!

hope you enjoy some of my favs!!!


oh!  i forgot to mention holden got his blue belt that day too!!!  way to go dude!!!  ;)

thanks again guys... can't wait to do it again!

suzanne brewer
{ b real photo }

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