Monday, December 28, 2009

chris, kayla, & draven - holiday session - knoxville tn photography

yay another holiday post!!!  :)

this time we have chris (megan's brother i posted about earlier), his lovely lady kayla, and his adorable little draven...

i already told you how we were freezing (in my last post).  it was so cute when draven's nose was turning red... looked kinda like rudolph!  hee hee.

OH!  i almost forgot!... when they were all getting ready to head to knoxville they ran into a little resistance from the parents (who the pics were secretly for!).  that day had brought ice and snow where they lived so chris's parents were not exactly excited about them being on the road, which is completely understandable!  they finally had to tell his dad just so they could escape!

okay... hope you enjoy.  :)



suzanne brewer
{ b real photo }

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