Thursday, December 3, 2009

king family portraits - knoxville photography

now that i'm done editing holiday sessions it's time to finish up some other projects and sessions.  so i'm finally starting to catch up on blogs here!  so here it goes...

every so often i like to try new places for our sessions… and this just happened to be one of those days!

it was perfect timing, since {quentin} (aka, lil q man) was turning 1 year old!  we met up in {world’s fair park} so we could get some outdoor images but unfortunately the weather was not so pretty.  it was a pretty cloudy day which can be good for lighting, but not so good for pretty blue sky backgrounds!  :\

nevertheless we made it work and the results are amazing!!!!  probably some of my favorite family pictures EVER!


i love this little guy!!!!!  now look how excited he was to be given the remote!  i guess it’s the simple things in life that make us this happy sometimes.

then we actually met again on another (thankfully sunny) day at the family farm to test out the ol’ barn… and boy was i happy with those too!!!  :)



and in case you hadn't noticed... for some reason i just love playing with sun flares in my images.  depending on the image, it can add some edge or even romance.


i hope to be taking pictures of this lil’ guy for many years to come!  (ya hear that trent & valerie!!?)

suzanne brewer
{ b real photo }

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