Wednesday, December 16, 2009

bradley & rebecca get a little saucy!! - knoxville area photography

alrighty folks.... another night of catching up for me!  i can finally start posting images from our holiday sessions since they've all received their cards and things to send out!  :)

brad and becca are wonderful friends of ours and sadly live about 4 hours away.  so when they come to visit or we travel together we have soooooo much fun.  there are usually very competitive games and LOTS of laughing.

as you'll see below, they are one snazzy lookin' couple so we LOVE to photograph them!!!  in fact, their wedding was actually the very first wedding we ever photographed!  their last visit to knoxville included a holiday session... which turned into a full session... which got a little risque!!!  and i LOVED it!  haha.

as a matter of fact, i kept encouraging them to kiss and stare into each others eyes and hug and hold hands and on and on... we said it jokingly but now i believe it to be true that when a couple has a session with b real photo it can be GREAT for the marriage/relationship!  so if you need some good quality time together as a couple, book a session with us!  ;)  it's like couples therapy and photos all in one!

brad and becca remind me so much of shawn and i... they totally crack each other up and obviously have a lot of chemistry together.

anyway, i hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from that day!


suzanne brewer
{ b real photo }

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