Friday, June 25, 2010

riley's birthday - fayetteville nc area photography

once again i'm glad carolina is my home!!!  i've missed living away from my family so much over the last 11 years!!!!  i've missed family dinners and cookouts, reunions, birthdays, weddings, babies... all the important times in people's lives!

well meet my adorable cousin riley.  he just turned 2 back in march and i'm so thankful i was here and could go to his birthday party... and you know i had my camera in hand.  here are just a few images from the day... first his awesome cake made by my talented aunt sharon (riley's grandma)...

and here is riley himself, quite content with his juice and all the attention he was getting.

if you know riley at all, you know he is such a hoot to be around.  it's almost as if he is there to entertain you rather than you keep him entertained!

and i'm so happy i got such a beautiful picture of such a beautiful family!!!  my cousin chad, his bubbly wife lisa (who we all love!), and their little riley!!!

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