Sunday, March 29, 2009

what a crazy day!

have you ever had one of those days that things keep happening that shouldn't be!? and you catch yourself saying out loud, "this can't be happening!!!"

so yesterday was all planned out... another day, another shoot... lovely weather, great location, and two beautiful models my client had arranged for me to work with. he was driving from 4 hours away for me to capture images for a brochure he's designing.

one model was coming with him from out of town and the other was meeting us from here in knoxville... only we found out last minute one of the models couldn't make it!!!

so there we were hours before our shoot. we only had one model when we clearly needed two.

so who did i turn to??? none other than facebook.

yes that's right. i updated my facebook status to state that i needed a model in knoxville that afternoon!!

what really surprised me was that a young lady i had never met before saw my status and offered to model for us!!! it was crazy getting her updated on the wardrobe, where to be, and what we were doing all in a matter of a couple hours.

so i finally got downtown and was driving to our location, only to find there were people everywhere!!!

as i'm walking up to our meeting spot, i'm seeing hundreds of dressed up ladies. if you know me, you know i can be a girly-girl, but at the same time i can only stand so much giggling and girl-y-ness. yes, you guessed it... it was a mary kay convention.

then at the same time there are "athletes" walking around everywhere too! people asking me where they are supposed to be... i don't know people! i later found out there was also a race downtown.

i've never seen downtown so busy!

so we finally get going with the session... ashley is as i expected... an incredible subject to photograph... and then danielle shows up... she turned out to be not only a great model, but a huge blessing in helping us get the shoot done... our surprise model had great ideas on some poses too!

thankfully i ended up with lots of images. it's funny sometimes how what can seem like a hectic crazy day turns out to give you awesome results!

here are some of my favorite images from the day...

thanks jonathan, ashley, and danielle!!!

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The Rike Stuff said...

I was just thinking... that looks just like Ashley! She's precious!