Tuesday, February 16, 2010


not much to say... i'll let the video do the talking!!!

Comments must be made on this blog post on or before March 1, 2010.  The winner will be announced on this blog on that date.  To qualify, your comment must contain 1) a creative response to what you think our new years resolutions might have been based on our attire and 2) what were your new years resolutions and are you still pursuing them?  the winner will receive a free standard session with b real photo.  session must be redeemed no later than july 1, 2010.  sessions booked on march 20, 21, 27, 28 will receive a free 8x10 of your choice.  8x10 only applies for new sessions on these dates.

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shawn + suzanne
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Anonymous said...


Your resolution must be to have more at home dance parties while watching the Vols!!!

Brett and I made a resolution to start eating healthier. Surprisingly, we have done pretty good. Brett has lost about 10 pounds and I've lost about 3 (of course!).

Laura Beth White

Anonymous said...

Hey guys... obviously your new years resolution was to make an 80's workout video to sell to your friends and family!

My new years resolution was to be more active this year and so far I've been doing pretty well. I have two races coming up an 8k and a 10k.

Glad you moving back to NC!
Valrie Horton

Karita said...

Hi crazies... I think y'alls New Year's Resolution was to bring back 80's style headbands, esp with that side ponytail, Suzanne! I can see y'all jamming out to taht song "WHIP IT" and you swinging that thing around like a heliocopter!
My resolution was to lose weight... of course! So far, not so good! I will get better though!
P.S. YAY! Glad you're moving to NC! Woot!
Karita Robins

Melissa Creech said...


OK, Shawn definitely wants to have 50 yard seats at the TN Vols game with his radio so he can hear all the play by plays. Suzanne, you definitely want to bring back the 80s or either rock it out at the gym hard core!!! If so, you go girl!! My new years resolutions is to definitely be a better Christian and become closer to Christ. Read my Bible more.

rstovall said...

Alright...while suzannes attire does make her look like she is trying to go back to the 80's I think your resolution must be to workout:)! Those headbands will def keep the sweat out of your face so you can still look stylish while lifting weights:D My resolution was to get back in shape and eat healthier. I am doing great so far and plan to keep it up. Also suzanne your ponytail reminds me of when I was a little girl bc I ALWAYS sported the side ponytail and I loved it. You guys make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Suzanne, I'm gonna take a stab, a creative one now, so here goes:
I think that your new years resolution is to be in a remake of an 80s or early 90s music video. You're dressed the part.
Your hubby however, looking at his attire, to me says Tigger. So I think he wants to dress up as Tigger for Halloween. And listen to music outside when its sunny. hence the shades.
Congratulations on the move! Hope all goes well!
Lisa Fitzgerald Narron

Craig said...

I think your resolution is to stop dressing yourselves in the dark.

My resolution was to not have any resolutions, so far. So good.

Brianna said...

Taking a stab in the dark here, if I had to guess I would say that you two were getting to shoot a cover video for "Physical" by Olivia Newton John and maybe have a few friends in VOLS football attire doing a version of the Super Bowl shuffle in the background.

My New Years Resolution is to lose as much weight as possible before transferring to a new college to pursue my dream majors, music business and musical theatre. I'm currently very overweight and in order to make my dreams come true, I need to get this weight off.

While I wanted to crap out on January 2nd, I'm managing to persevere, kick my own butt, and stay focused. (The photo shoot would help me in 2 ways: I would have beautiful before shots of me for after I lose the weight and they could also temporarily work for me as headshots, something as a college kid I can't afford. lol)

I hope that the move goes well. NC is a great place! Safe travels!

Kathryn Johnson said...

I think your resolution must be to bring back the 80s! Why else would you have on those neon colors? And especially the headband! I'll join in! I love Billy Idol and The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink! I'm hoping for my bachelorette party that we can find the band The Breakfast Club and go back to the 80s for a night! (They're great--the lead singer wears a kilt and one of the guys plays the piano on a strap thing!) Shawn's colors weren't quite bright enough...he's not totally on board with the 80s idea is he??? Give him time to come around--those were such simplier days--why wouldn't he want to go back???

Kathryn :-)

Anonymous said...

your resolution: "lets get physical, physical..." with more workouts

my resolution: eat better - FAIL

Hope you guys have a safe move to NC!!

Melinda Garcia

Anonymous said...

I would say that your resolution is to have absolutely tons of fun as a couple... do strange things, fun things, unexpected things... even getting all of us fans to talk about this on fb!!! :) And to definitely grow B Real Photo!! :)

My heart's desire is to grow in Christ, to abide in Him, to share Him with more people, and to affect His Kingdom for eternity!! Not a resolution... but the beat of my heart for all eternity!! :)

Elizabeth Liles