Tuesday, August 24, 2010

laura beth & brett engagement session - smithfield nc engagement & wedding photography

okay how many of you are facebook addicts??  don't lie.

i'll say it... I AM!!  i have found so many people from my past it is just amazing.  i have really enjoyed reconnecting with so many people and getting caught up on their lives.

one of these young ladies is laura beth white.  she was junior miss selma railroad days in 1995 when i was teen miss... making her my long lost "pageant sister"!  i found her on facebook about the same time these photos were posted (thanks karen)!

so laura beth just finished law school this year and is all grown up!  she is such a beautiful young lady and is engaged to a great guy.  they've discussed getting married in vegas and i shared (on her facebook wall) about a dream i had regarding just that!... and i quote... "so i totally dreamed you got married in vegas (and wore one of those amazing outfits with a 10ft feather on your head) and yeah you flew me out to photograph the whole thing.  there was lots of bling and feathers.  that's about all i remember.  so yeah."  hahahahaha

for the record, i would travel almost anywhere to photograph a wedding... thankfully, laura beth gave me the chance at their engagement photos.  we had so much fun riding around in my xterra together to hit up the spots i wanted to use.  i was inspired by a fav photog of mine for the first couple images...

i was even able to convince this crazy duo to get in the water, which totally made my day!!!!!!

thanks you two for being such good sports and so dang pretty!  ;)

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