Sunday, September 6, 2009

marie's senior portraits - maryville high school

so maryville has again become one of my favorite places to do our sessions.

this was one of the first places i photographed after the move to tennessee because my wonderful friend megan is from there and was kind enough to model for me.

in case you don't remember the session i'm speaking of, you can read the blog about that session {here}.

so here i was again... this time with marie... i can't believe it has been 10 months since i was here!!!

no worries though, i already had a few spots in mind i wanted to be sure to capture...

if you missed my first blog about marie's session you can catch up {here}.

over the past year i’ve been hearing about something called the "green belt" in maryville that was supposedly this pretty park that winds thru the town.

marie and her dad were kind enough to walk us there and it was sooooo beautiful!!! it almost made me wish we lived in maryville!!

the park really does wind thru a big part of the town. it has huge grassy areas, benches, walkways, a stream... it's just beautiful!

so we took advantage of the beauty and got more images there.

i had also asked marie to bring her violin. she had played up until her senior year. looking back on my senior pictures i knew she would one day treasure images that captured something that was a big part of her school years.

so fortunately we had the perfect place to get those violin shots.... a STAGE!!!! right there in the park!!!! oh it was wonderful. :)

so all in all the session was great. marie was a natural.

if you ever have the chance to meet her, or if you know her and have never seen it, have her show you the trick she can do with her eyebrows!!! hee hee.

thanks marie!!

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suzanne brewer
{ b real photo }

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