Monday, April 19, 2010

another giveaway!

it's that time again!  we've got not one, but TWO tickets to the Raleigh Southern Women's Show!!  so of course that means we'll have TWO WINNERS!

sorry guys, this one is for the ladies!

the Raleigh Southern Women's Show is April 23-25 at the NC State Fairgrounds.  we'll be there Sunday afternoon to photograph the Dancing Like the Stars contest to benefit the National Inclusion Project.  the contest begins at 1:00pm.  in the meantime, read about the contestants, watch video footage of their rehearsals, and cast your votes by clicking here.

so what do you have to do to win??  it's easy!  simply leave a comment below and tell me what woman in your life inspires you and why.  entries must be made by 7pm tuesday... we'll announce the winners shortly after, so hurry!  :)

suzanne l. brewer
{  b real photo  }

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Anonymous said...

My mom is my inspiration. She's been there to support me thru marriage, divorce, death of family & friends, childbirth, you name it. She lost both of her parents at a young age, but has still been there for everything I've ever needed plus more. Heather Ballance-Brown

Jamie Ballance Robinson said...

My Grandma Beadie (Ballance) was one of the most inspirational people I knew. She passed away 2 years ago, but lived an amazing life of 87 years, and still is alive in my heart today!
My Grandma was a woman who didn't know the words "I can't". She did it all! My Granddaddy was illiterate and whenever he would go to the store to buy something, she would go along in order to read things to him and write out the checks. She depended on my Granddaddy for transportation, as he depended on her to help him read things. She was a true farmer’s wife, who had a green thumb for growing all sorts of vegetables, flowers, and anything else needed to supply for her family. As a mother of 3 boys, she always provided the best meals for her family. When I was a little girl, the whole family would gather at her home to enjoy her dinners that she made from scratch.
At the ages of 3 and 4, she was my babysitter. She also became my teacher, and helped me to write, spell, and read. The first word I remember spelling and reading was “STOP”, because we would be riding with Granddaddy to the store and she would make me spell the word and read the word. My second word she taught me was “POTS”, because that’s STOP spelled backwards. She was always a woman who used everyday things to make sense when she was teaching me. Even though she never was a teacher in a school, she taught me so much about education, family and living a full life.
She was a woman of character who lost her mother and father before she was 18 and had to move in with my Granddaddy’s family. Even through all the hardships of her life (losing both parents at such a young age, living through the Great Depression, living with a family that was not her own, marrying a man who went off to war, raising 3 boys, and loving a man through all their ups and downs for 65 years until his death) she was a woman who I have always wanted to be like and work hard in my life the way I saw her work throughout hers.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Clifton Rosenberg would like to tell you how Jean Sutphen of Raleigh inspires me. She is an incredible mother to three great grown-up children and the best friend anyone could ever have. There has never been a time that I, or anyone in my family, needed anything that she didn't stop what she was doing to lend a hand. I know of several instances that other people she didn't know have been in a bind and needed something and she would drive to them to help them in their hour of need. Jean also works tirelessly for the Wilder's Grove Athletic Association even though her children have long ago outgrown the little league football and baseball teams. She makes the costumes for the cheerleaders and never charges them for her time and even drives to their homes to deliver. Her selflessness is never ending. She is the best and most dedicated friend I have ever had and I love her like family. I can only hope that when she thinks of me, she can have a remote amount of admiration for me and love for our friendship!