Thursday, April 22, 2010

bobby + karita | raleigh nc photography

remember the crazy video shawn and i posted a while back?  if you missed the video announcement you can watch it {here}.  we asked for input and out of all the creative responses we announced the winners {here}.

we've known bobby & karita for several years now but have just recently gotten to know them better.  they are absolutely amazing people and i just love being around them.  our session was no different!  we had so much fun we ended up going to dinner afterwards!

during our session, we explored a couple blocks of downtown raleigh and i laughed so much!!!  here are a few of my favorite images...

at one point i asked them to cross the street ahead of me and they literally lept and skipped (initiated by bobby i might add) and you can see i tried to catch them in the act.  if you know them at all you can appreciate this!  :)

thanks bobby & karita for such a fun day!!!  be sure to leave bobby & karita some love by commenting below!!!

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suzanne l. brewer
{  b real photo  }

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lin weidow said...

Love the pictures!!!!