Sunday, August 16, 2009

hiking with friends - knoxville area photography

so we had some friends come visit for the weekend and we decided to go hiking in Norris Dam State Park.

at first we checked out the dam, enjoyed the views, and learned about it's formation and purpose. we were typical tourists. haha.

then we headed over to the barn and grist mill...

our original plan was to visit the museum to find out what trails were available but we noticed a 1.2 mile trail so we decided to head out on that lil adventure...

once we got a little deeper into the woods we discovered a whole bunch of trails and decided to take a few turns...

by this point we were feeling like we were still headed away from where we started but i talked everyone into keeping on the trail rather than turning back... and thankfully we were headed in that direction a few minutes later!

all in all our hike ended up being over FIVE MILES!!!! haha. by this point we were starving so we hit up our favorite lil' chinese buffet. it was a great day with friends, a great workout, and a time to enjoy God's creation.

suzanne brewer
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