Saturday, August 8, 2009

if i was a rich girl - knoxville commercial photography

so the other day i was driving to work (on my new little shortcut!) when i noticed this little boutique in a shopping center i pass by. so that afternoon on my way home i stopped in to see what they had... and boy was i thrilled with what i found inside!...

everything from unique jewelry, coach bags, dolce & gabbana shades, prada, juicy coutoure... need i go on!!???

this place is full of handbags and accessories. i was fortunate enough to meet the owner, dina, who was bubbling over with personality. one of her vendors, dawn, just so happened to be there at the time delivering more of her jewelry that is apparently in high demand!

after striking up a conversation with these ladies, we decided to do what we could to help each other's businesses... long story short (hehe if you know me you know i say that all the time) i was able to take some images of the store for dina. some of my favorites are below...

i'm tellin ya... good things just keep happening!!

suzanne brewer
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