Sunday, July 19, 2009

an adventure with nature... capturing knoxville in photography

so we finally had a weekend without a road trip planned... it was great to have a weekend in knoxville, tennessee and boy was it beautiful!!!!

i was so excited to have a whole weekend with my wonderful husband, shawn. we seriously have so much fun together. he really is my best friend and we do a lot of laughing at our house!!!

this weekend we invited our friends, jacob and holly, to go hiking with us. we went to the ijams nature center just outside of downtown knoxville. it was so nice to see how green and vibrant everything was there... the only other time i had visited was in the dead of winter and the place honestly looked kinda scary.

so i was like a kid with uncontainable excitement once we got started (obviously)...

i think jacob and holly are a great couple. you know how you can just tell by the way a couple interacts how great they are together? (i'd like to think people see that in me and shawn!) not only do they seem like a great couple together, but they are each individually great people and i really enjoyed spending time with them saturday.

jacob and shawn were in boy scouts together and go waaaaay back. we have already resolved to spend more time with them!!!

i tried to capture images along our hike. these are just a few of my favorites. :)

after it was all said and done we all went for ice cream... Mmmm... it was so worth it. :)

so folks, be sure to leave a comment. i love to hear from you guys and what you get out of my posts and even your likes/dislikes in the images.

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