Friday, July 17, 2009

life is so sweet - knoxville newborn photography

so i finally had my first newborn session a few weeks ago and it was a dream!! afterward i decided he was probably the best subject i ever had... he slept almost the whole time and i was able to move him around as much as i wanted. i must admit, i felt like he was so delicate and i tried to be so careful with him! i look back at my images and see where i should have maneuvered him a bit more... but that's just me critiquing myself!

baby wade had the cutest lil' nose and the longest legs! such an adorable family all together. jack, the 2 year old big brother kept me entertained the entire time... literally the entire 2 hours i was in their home jack was singing the song "rocky top". it was probably one of the cutest things i have ever witnessed.

now i'm super excited about doing more newborn/baby sessions... i keep coming up with new ideas that i wanna try out!! so if you have a little one or will soon, we would be honored to capture images of your little miracle!!!

hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from the day...

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