Monday, July 6, 2009

where i grew up... rural north carolina photography

some of you may know i grew up on a farm... mainly a peach farm. my mom and dad have always been hard workers and now in dad's "retirement" from the corporate arena, he seems to be even busier and work even harder! but at least he gets to be his own boss now. :)

it has become my mission to get them up to speed with today's social media... they have a website (which is still in the works... and a facebook page!!!! i'm so proud. haha.

on our last trip to nc we had such a great visit. i got to see a lot of my family and have a great visit with my parents. usually our trips are so rushed we just can't possibly fit everyone in. but this trip was a lot more laid back.

i took the time to capture my dad in the peach orchard. he has two orchards, one of which is right next to the house. my dad had lots of peaches to pick that day so i took the time to catch him in action. the results were amazing!

i hope you appreciate my favorite images as much as i do! it was such an honor to be able to do this for my dad. i hope he enjoyed it and likes the images as much as i do. <3>be sure to leave a comment. :)

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