Saturday, July 18, 2009

i found the mystery wall!!! - knoxville photography

so if you have talked to me in the last few weeks you know i've been searching all over creation for this amazing wall i keep seeing in photographs!!!!

shawn and i drove around for an hour trying to find the thing the other day. i knew i had a session scheduled with my beautiful personal trainer (Lindsay @ the The Rush... she rocks!!) and i knew how amazing she would look in front of this colorful wall!!!

so shawn and i drove all over old city and up and down gay street searching for what i called "the mystery wall"... finally we gave up and went home for the night. i called my friend alex, who had his engagement photos taken there and was able to get some idea of where it was.

so this morning we decide to give it another shot and arrive 30 minutes earlier than our session to try to find it again. we parked right in the area where alex had told us it was and of course we found it in no time!!!! i was soooooo excited.

after i got to thinking about it, i remembered an exact moment while shawn and i were driving around... twice we drove down this one particular street and i thought i saw something... barely... out of the corner of my eye... just a slither of color... noooo that can't be it...

yup. that was it. again, i'm reminded to trust my instincts and quit doubting myself!!!! :)

anyway, our session with lindsay and jeremy was a breeze! they are both so photogenic!!! anyway, i thought i would share one image with you just to give you a taste of the mystery wall and our beautiful subjects...

be sure to check back often for more images!!! :)

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Lindsay Nelson said...

Suzanne this is absolutly amazing! I can not wait to get the pics back!!!! I am so excited! I saw where you extended the deadline for the review....will my pics be done in time?? if not thats cool! I was just wondering! See you wednesday girl!